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Nina Miller and Jose Gonzalez

We’re back! After traveling and holiday scheduling conflicts, we have a brand new episode for you.

Suck it pod-fading!

Nina Miller and Jose Gonzalez joined us to talk improv, comedy, and asking “why not?”

Show Notes

You have awake apnea?
Who is breathing so loud?
Welcome Jose Gonzalez and Nina Miller
ASU Center for Science and Imagination
Torch Theater
That was on the table?
Phoenix New Times
No one owns The Torch!
Phoenix Improv Festival
This remote control isn’t going to sell your information.
Archie Comics?
All of that sweet, sweet cash.
As a racist, I don’t understand.
Barren Mind ASU improv group
Ghostfest /Bjorkfast
Bjork Television Video
5th Ave Cafe
Weird job, guys!
Productivity porn
Marco Arment Use This
Customs was a nightmare
Ask “why not?”
#TeamAtticus fund raiser show 12/19
Donate to #TeamAtticus

Jeremie Lederman

Jeremy is an illustrator and designer. Through his company, Lederman Studios, he has done work for The Walking Dead, Spawn, MTV, CNN, and many more.

This episode was actually recorded last year while Austin and Chris were co-hosting the Lightning Octopus podcast with our friend, and recent guest, Jonathan Simon.

Show Notes:

Jeremie Lederman
Jeremie’s NeatoShop t-shrits
“If they don’t need a cartoon ape, then
they won’t call you.”
“Hey, a reference I get!”
“Who’s that guy? It’s Jan Brewer.”
“A wonderful buffet of truth.”
There will be a new octopus soon! (Spoiler: The new octopus is over a year old now)
The turtle! The turtle! The turtle! The turtle!
Bouse, Arizona
Sharknado relief fund!
Arizona Republic
The Aquabats!
Add a healthy amount of randomness to your life!
Jeremie’s book – Drawing Is Easy
Co-hoots PHX
Really, Phoenix is just too hot.
First Fridays
The Art of Video Games

Origins – Bob

Get to know our friend, and co-host, Bob Beard.

On this episode, Bob shares his origins story, how he ended up in Arizona, life in the Marines, and the beginning of PBS Nerd and the Arizona PBS Nerd Walk.

Show Notes:

A screaming, naked, bloody Bob emerged from his mother’s birth canal.
“Every Stephen King book is the town I grew up in.”
What were you like as a kid?
“Maybe you should learn to shut your mouth sometimes.”
Ghostbusters changed Bob’s life.
What was the driver to go into the Marines?
“It’s very much like Lieutenant Dan.”
10 months later, I’m on a bus and crying.
Supply Chaingun Management
You get out of the military and go in to radio.
I didn’t get high in the radio station van, so they kept me around.
Working in the media.
How did you end up at PBS?
It’s high quality potpourri.
Radio is a life style, TV is an appointment.
The origins of PBS Nerd.
You asked nerds if they want a t-shirt.
The PBS Nerd Logo
Arizona PBS Nerd Walk

Steam Crow

Daniel and Dawna Davis are Steam Crow. They join us to talk about Halloween, the creative business, education, and more!

Show Notes:

A very special Halloween Episode
Meet Steam CrowDaniel & Dawna Davis
Why do you like Halloween?
We had to hunt to find monsters.
I grew up in the burbs.
I’d like to see the Davis house at Halloween
That’s where the magic happens.
I’m into monsters, dad.
Corporate Halloween vs homemade.
Waiting in line for the Disney Store to open.
What are you an alligator?
The origins of the Steam Crow name.
Feeding the creative side.
Creating community.
Monster Commute Comic
Mistakes to learn from.
“Be an engine for good”
Being a teacher and having a creative business
Thoughts on education and art
How does working together work?
How did Steam Crow end up in Phoenix?
Balancing the creative and the business?
Handing out Halloween candy.
Tucson Comic Con
Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest

Evo Terra

Evo Terra joins us to discuss podcasting, startups in Arizona, community building, and grapefruit!

Show Notes:
NSFW but safe for a bar
Welcome Evo Terra
Podcasting for Dummies
40 people podcasting in 2005
“I think it’s important to have a format”
Dance monkey! Dance!
Big Bounce
Why Phoenix?
Startups in Phoenix
Desert Angels
Tuft and Needle
What is a disruptive startup?
Building community
Startup Grind
KUPD is the buffer for PBS?
Bob and Kid Rock
Feb 23-27, 2015 Phoenix Startup Week
It is NOT Startup Weekend
“We don’t do a good job of welcoming people we don’t recognize.”
Monday Falafel
Gangplank, CoHoots, Mod, Seed Spot, ASU Polytechnic, ASU Skysong, Connect Tucson, Railyard Tucson
Startup Podcast

Jonathan Simon

On this episode, The Electric Octopi, Jonathan Simon, sits down with us and talks dreams, celebrating fandom, books, anime, and parenting.

Show notes:
Dreaming of neck beards
The waiting room in Beetlejuice
Stuipd M. Knight Shamalan plot twist.
What is this podcast about?
Celebrating fandom
I’m gonna have a lot of explaining to do.
There’s nothing more hilarious than self flagellation.
AZ Browncoats – Can’t Stop the Serenity
My cousin just had a baby that looks like Joss Wheadon.
Happiness from experiences vs things.
Everything is Terrible – Live
You are way into books.
In your face, book suggestions!
I love how much you love Cosbie.
Two great puns and a delicate euphamism.
Being a nerdy dad and raising kids.
Lightning Octocon?
Adventure Time Munchkin
We had a ninja weekend.
What was Jonathan before the Internet?

Let’s Go Camping

First episode of the new Free Samples Podcast with my friends Austin and Bob.

The show will be bi-weekly (or fortnightly if you want to be fancy) and will focus on the various cultures and scenes in Arizona. The RSS feed is not enabled yet, but I will update the post, and site, with links to subscribe through your favorite podcast aggregate platforms.

Show Notes:

Welcome… again.
Do you still have your blog?
What a great racket that was
Recording this at Gangplank
AZ Hops and Vines
Documentary “Somm”
Monsoon Pictures
Fun for the whole family
I’ll have what she’s having
Very loud hallelujahs.
The No-tell Motel
El Guero Canelo
You’re inviting me to my own plan.
“Yes, I am. No, I’m not.”
This seems like a bate and switch.
They’re just eager to kill animals.
Mile High Brewfest