Origins – Austin Part 1

We had some audio troubles with the recording so we’re releasing Austin’s story in two parts.
In this episode, Austin shares where he grew up, having surgery at a young age and the perspective he gained from that experience, and some of his more interesting work stories.

Show Notes:
Are you from Globe?
Everybody is fap-able.
How Austin ended up in South Africa
“Your proposal was a shining light on the horizon.”
Federal Agents
“When adventure knocks, you answer.”
“I was the second person to have this surgery.”
“Can I push on it?”
“You can’t say ‘yolo’ unless you’ve had your head de-gloved.”
Why getting married at 19 made sense.
Creativity and Technology

3 thoughts on “Origins – Austin Part 1”

  1. I was excited to see a new episode.
    Then I was even more excited to see that Austin’s origin story was half as long as the others…
    Then I found out it’s a two-parter…


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