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Clintus McGintus

The episode has been saved! We have to say a big thank you to Tom at Chandler Data Professionals for all the work to recover the dead hard drive. He was professional, thorough, and we definitely recommend him to anyone in need of drive recovery services.

Clintus joins us to share what it’s been like becoming a full-time YouTuber, how to build an audience, and sharing his family with the world.

Show Notes:

Adult Words
“I’m very open with my kids.”
Did we start?
How Clintus got started on YouTube
The Daily Life Genre
Archiving vs Sharing
“Try and do anything for a thousand days in a row.”
What is the drive?
How to diversify
TLC Toddler Bowl
Playlist Live
How the schedule has changed since going full-time YouTube
Engagement drives audience growth
Cameron’s awesome story
“How much me, how much my kids.”
The long con
The 3 magic ways to build an audience
The importance of authentic content
Getting the family on camera
Mason Jack and Crissy YouTube
It’s like a real life crossover episode
“Hey guys, I’m quitting my job.”
The importance of data

On Dead Hard Drives and Backups

If you’ve been following our Twitter account, you know that my hard drive failed on the day we were supposed to release our new episode with Clintus McGintus.

I was unable to recover the drive through my own methods and have handed it off to a professional service. And, like a fool, I didn’t have a backup.

There’s no excuse for not having a backup and I apologize to you all for this… especially Clintus because we had a great conversation and were excited to share it.

Hope isn’t completely lost but data recovery is not a fast process. I should know what we can recover by early next week. Keep your fingers crossed with us!

The show will continue and we have some great guests lined up in the coming weeks. Should the worst happen with the drive, we will definitely invite Clintus back and the show will have some new intro/outro music.