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Steam Crow

Daniel and Dawna Davis are Steam Crow. They join us to talk about Halloween, the creative business, education, and more!

Show Notes:

A very special Halloween Episode
Meet Steam CrowDaniel & Dawna Davis
Why do you like Halloween?
We had to hunt to find monsters.
I grew up in the burbs.
I’d like to see the Davis house at Halloween
That’s where the magic happens.
I’m into monsters, dad.
Corporate Halloween vs homemade.
Waiting in line for the Disney Store to open.
What are you an alligator?
The origins of the Steam Crow name.
Feeding the creative side.
Creating community.
Monster Commute Comic
Mistakes to learn from.
“Be an engine for good”
Being a teacher and having a creative business
Thoughts on education and art
How does working together work?
How did Steam Crow end up in Phoenix?
Balancing the creative and the business?
Handing out Halloween candy.
Tucson Comic Con
Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest