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Rikki Tikki Tavi Mad

Our friend Jonathan join us in a conversation about books, DYI projects, and crap-tastic movies!

Show Notes:

Talking books
Evolution by Stephen Baxter
Penthouse Letters and the books of Moses
Space Elevators
What was your first Sci-Fi?
A Wrinkle in Time Trilogy
The Casio Keyboard
Raining Donuts
I just learn the references and laugh at Robot Chicken
Making time to read
Are you a handyman?
Dainty office wrists
I don’t know why I took a mongooses name in vain.
DIY home repair
Ikia is the grown up version of Legos
Wild West Con
Don’t be over critical;you’ll enjoy more things.

Hard Drive Update:
We should know early next week if our episode with Clintus can be recovered. Still keeping our fingers crossed!

On Dead Hard Drives and Backups

If you’ve been following our Twitter account, you know that my hard drive failed on the day we were supposed to release our new episode with Clintus McGintus.

I was unable to recover the drive through my own methods and have handed it off to a professional service. And, like a fool, I didn’t have a backup.

There’s no excuse for not having a backup and I apologize to you all for this… especially Clintus because we had a great conversation and were excited to share it.

Hope isn’t completely lost but data recovery is not a fast process. I should know what we can recover by early next week. Keep your fingers crossed with us!

The show will continue and we have some great guests lined up in the coming weeks. Should the worst happen with the drive, we will definitely invite Clintus back and the show will have some new intro/outro music.




We set out to record part 2 of Austin’s origin story but ended up talking more about our kids and parenting…

So we present to you: DadCast!

Show Notes:

Would you rather
When do you turn into a zombie?
Photographing Fairies
When to introduce things to your kids
You have to finish the story
Movies we wanted to see when we were kids
Yoda had these ideas about stuff
The problems with time travel
Cultivating interests
High rez Andromeda Galaxy
Her people are completely literal
“Hard” is not something we’re going to say in our house
She Napoleon Dynamited your ass!

Take a minute and let us know what you think of the show and if there’s anyone you’d like to hear on a future episode.
Thanks for listening!