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Our First Time

We’re back! After scheduling conflicts and, you know, reasons we are a bit off our schedule… but not any more!

On this episode, we all share our experiences discovering the Internet and online culture.

Also, watch your pets if you live near Austin. You’ve been warned.

Show Notes:

Why was the Science Center disappointing?
“Or, I can learn to bring them back to life!”
Believe in your dreams even if it involves a gypsy curse.
A biologist or an assassin.
Because Silence of the Lambs, I guess…
What was your first time like?
I was like Kimmy Schmidt!
Chaaaaaarge it!
A fight on the internet?!
The Compaq
“Do you ever feel like there’s more out there than you know how to find?”
Consuming vs creating on the Internet
William Gibson
Garbage disposal level of consuming
Online games
File sharing and working in radio