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Let’s Go Camping

First episode of the new Free Samples Podcast with my friends Austin and Bob.

The show will be bi-weekly (or fortnightly if you want to be fancy) and will focus on the various cultures and scenes in Arizona. The RSS feed is not enabled yet, but I will update the post, and site, with links to subscribe through your favorite podcast aggregate platforms.

Show Notes:

Welcome… again.
Do you still have your blog?
What a great racket that was
Recording this at Gangplank
AZ Hops and Vines
Documentary “Somm”
Monsoon Pictures
Fun for the whole family
I’ll have what she’s having
Very loud hallelujahs.
The No-tell Motel
El Guero Canelo
You’re inviting me to my own plan.
“Yes, I am. No, I’m not.”
This seems like a bate and switch.
They’re just eager to kill animals.
Mile High Brewfest