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Evo Terra

Evo Terra joins us to discuss podcasting, startups in Arizona, community building, and grapefruit!

Show Notes:
NSFW but safe for a bar
Welcome Evo Terra
Podcasting for Dummies
40 people podcasting in 2005
“I think it’s important to have a format”
Dance monkey! Dance!
Big Bounce
Why Phoenix?
Startups in Phoenix
Desert Angels
Tuft and Needle
What is a disruptive startup?
Building community
Startup Grind
KUPD is the buffer for PBS?
Bob and Kid Rock
Feb 23-27, 2015 Phoenix Startup Week
It is NOT Startup Weekend
“We don’t do a good job of welcoming people we don’t recognize.”
Monday Falafel
Gangplank, CoHoots, Mod, Seed Spot, ASU Polytechnic, ASU Skysong, Connect Tucson, Railyard Tucson
Startup Podcast